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T Lee Harris is a writer and illustrator. A graduate of Indiana University with a Bachelor of Fine Arts, T has put her degree to good use when designing and publishing the Indian Creek Anthology series for the Southern Indiana Writers’ Group–using said degree to fan bacon smoke away from the smoke alarm was merely a bonus. T’s work has appeared in print and online venues including mystericale.com, the Southern Indiana Writers’ Groups’ Indian Creek Anthology Series and Wildside Press’ Cat Tales 2 anthology.


2 comments on “About T

  1. Good day, T Lee Harris, I’ve been noticing several of your books in Smashwords, but you didn’t at all, give one away. Are they selling well? I wish to know, really. ^^

    • Hi! My books are selling pretty well on Smashwords. It’s a good venue for independent authors. Actually, I did give several away just recently during Read an Ebook Week! Smashwords gave me the opportunity to post my novella, Winter Wonderland, as free for the entire week. I was very pleased with the response I got.

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