5 comments on “E-Books and Readers

  1. I agree that people will probably go to ebooks for portability and space-saving, and stick with physical books for sensory pleasure and convenience. I mean, if all my books are electronic, am I going to put an ereader in my guest room so my guests can read a little something before falling asleep? I don’t think so.

    And, as of now, I’m being told electronic cookbooks are unsatisfactory for one reason or another. So….

  2. I’m thinking the main reason I’m lusting after an e-reader is the portability factor. Yes, I lurv the feel of paper, but with the *right* e-reader, the e-book *looks* like a book, even if it doesn’t *feel* like a book. The allure of carrying 3,500 books in a tiny box is simply amazing — even if I know my mini-brain isn’t capable of reading that many in my (what’s left of it) lifetime. And my first friend who gets one will be having an uncomfortable moment when I beg (with index finger aquiver) “May I… *touch* it???” Please don’t let this mental image discourage you from the big purchase….

  3. These complaints were against Kindles, mostly. They were too small, they didn’t display pictures where you wanted them or in color. The problems were various. Seems like a netbook or a flatscreen no-tower might be quite useful in the kitchen.

    Do you actually HAVE the laptop in the kitchen, cooking from the recipe on the screen, or do you print the recipe out as needed?

    • I can see where those complaints are coming from. I’ve heard other people talking about how badly Kindles handle images, too.

      As to the laptop question, I’ve done both ways. I do like to have a print out of a recipe on hand, but what I usually do is to bring my Eee PC out to the kitchen and work from the recipe on the screen. That also lets me enter notes on the fly if I need to. At holidays when I’m stuck in the kitchen, I’ve been known to put my desktop system on a rolling desk that has an attached surge suppressor and just move my base of operations out there for the duration.

      Hey! I said I was a geek, didn’t I?

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