3 comments on “Thoughts On Blogging

  1. Don’t you strike my fancy, young lady, or I’ll give you such a smack!

    That was a good panel, and I like your attitude that a blog is a conversation. If all the writer wants is a monologue, why not just have a web site?

    I have comments turned off on some pages, because they aren’t commenty pages, but the posts have comments turned on. That’s what makes it fun!

  2. i turned off comments back when i was doing 3+ blog posts a day. thing is, as fun as the conversation seems, you can find that an inordinate amount of your time can be spent babysitting those conversations, especially when you blog on a sensitive subject (like politics or religion or race), to where all you are doing is responding to comments.

    i now only blog three times a week and haven’t written anything TOO controversial of late. but we’ll see how long that lasts.

    • I have faith in you, Maurice. I’m sure you’ll wade into controversy again very quickly. lol

      Being so new at this, I have yet to experience the times where the nuke ‘e all button looks rosy and inviting. I’m sure it’ll happen eventually. I’ve never been known for minding my Ps and Qs well.

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