2 comments on “Back From ConText

  1. It’s “Method” writing, isn’t it. Just as an actor needs to know all those Where did I just come from?/What do I want?/How will I get it? kinds of questions, even if they’re never part of the script.

    The “telling too much” problem can also occur with other aspects of a story. Always easy to spot the extreme techies in their SF stories. They’re the ones who spend chapters on the ship’s faster-than-light capability, sometimes to the point of inculding equtaions! I rather like this piece of advice I got, perfect for a non-techie writer: Believe in the ship, and it will fly.

    • I’ve tried to read those really hard-core SF stories and just given up. I don’t want to read a story that requires a degree in science to get past the first paragraph.

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