4 comments on “Waiting for Godot — OOPS! I Mean Amazon DTP

  1. OMG! T Lee has blogged! Woo hoo! And I have read it..I love all your work! Please give Byron a big ole hug from me!


  2. Great looking site! The first thing to do with DTP is go to your publication details and make sure you clicked SAVE at every step. And I’ve started uploading my Kindle submissions in PDF. That SEEMS to work but, since I don’t have a Kindle yet (have to sell some Kindle books before I can afford one), I don’t know. lol

    Welcome to the blogosphere. Bwa-ha-ha-ha-haaaaa!

    • According to what I was seeing on the Kindle Forums, there has been a consistent problem with some uploads just getting hung up in the pipes. If they know why it’s happening, they sure aren’t saying, but they seem to be pretty good at boosting the stuck’uns through.

      I have the same problem in not really knowing what my publication looks like. I have the Kindle for PC (free download from Amazon), but from what I hear, it presents differently that an actual kindle screen. The fershlugginer Previewer does funky stuff that the real deal doesn’t, too. Oh well, it’s all new and bleeding edge. 🙂

  3. Great site! More helpful than you know. Thanks!

    Yes — Kindle and their willingness to accept PDF will help a great deal. Anyone attempting to translate a script formatted screenplay in DOC might as well slit their wrists… It’s a slow death either way. But, I might actually get to load my scripts to Kindle. Yay!

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